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The Code Compliance Section is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of complaints of zoning and building violations. In addition, this Section offers staff and administrative support for Neglected Property, Hazardous Building/Site Abatement Programs and the Environmental Cleanup Revolving Fund.

These programs generally operate in responses to citizen complaints of alleged code violations or from referrals from other public agencies. However, the Department does issue Stop Work Orders and follow up regarding unpermitted construction that is underway and discovered, and also pro-actively engages with situations that involve life-safety hazards or significant nuisance situations regardless of whether a complaint has been received. Code Compliance cases are investigated and, if appropriate, warning and/or violation notices are issued. Double the amount of usual fees is charged for grading and building plan check, processing and inspections for permits related to unpermitted activity that result from “Stop Work” or other code compliance efforts. These actions may be followed by additional legal sanctions, such as recordation, fines, or civil penalties. The overall objective of the code enforcement process is to motivate the property owner to discontinue the illegal use or activity and/or to obtain the required permits.