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Environmental & Resource Protection
CEQA Documents Open for Public Review

Initial Studies

Project Name Application # APN Address / Location Owner Name Project Description Public Comment Period Ends
Rodriguez Road Minor Land Division 171063 North side of Rodriguez Street. Vic Ferguson This is a proposal to demolish a four unit dwelling group and all associated accessory structures and divide an approximately one-half acre (23,586 square foot parcel into three parcels of approximately 10,585 square feet, 5,016 square feet and 5,053 square feet respectively. Project requires a Minor Land Division, Variance to reduce the required minimum width of 50 feet to 45.6 feet and reduce the required minimum frontage from 50 feet to approximately 46 feet, and Residential Development Permit for creation of a right-of-way less than 40 feet in width. November 14, 2018
Bean Creek Streambank Stabilization Project (Recirculation) N/A County Right-of-Way County of Santa Cruz Santa Cruz County proposes to repair 42 linear feet of reinforced concrete crib wall with large woody debris as scour protection, asphalt dike and guardrail, erosion control and revegetation. This requires a Riparian Exception from the County, as well as state and federal permits November 19, 2018
Public Safety and Hazard Management General Plan, Local Coastal Program and County Code Amendments N/A Countywide N/A

A.  Update and amendment of General Plan/LCP Public Safety Element and implementing Santa Cruz County Code Title 16 Environmental Resource Protection regulations regarding environmental review, geologic hazards, floodplain management, erosion, and fire hazards, and update and amendment of General Plan/LCP Conservation and Open Space Element to move Air Quality section to Public Safety Element; and

B.  New General Plan/LCP Noise Element relocated from Public Safety Element and new Santa Cruz County Code Chapter 13.15 Noise Planning; and

C.  Amendment of General Plan/LCP Land Use, Circulation, and Conservation and Open Space Elements to establish Airport Land Use Compatibility policies consistent with state handbook, including an updated Santa Cruz County Code Chapter 13.12 to establish the Airport Combining Zone District, and rezoning of affected properties within two miles of Watsonville Municipal Airport.

August 1, 2018
Freedom Sewer Rehabilitation Project N/A Located predominately within existing paved roadways in residential neighborhoods. The project area is divided into five improvement locations within the Freedom County Sewer District service area, located along Green Valley and Buena Vista Roads.

Freedom County Sanitation District


The Freedom County Sanitation District (FCSD) is proposing the Freedom Sewer Rehabilitation Project. The project includes the replacement of approximately five (5) miles of existing wastewater collection lines. July 10, 2018




County EIR's

Project Name Document Public Comment Period Ends

Nissan of Santa Cruz Project    Notice of Availability  

Nissan of Santa Cruz Project    Draft EIR      Final EIR

Figure 2-3 - Conceptual Site Plan

Technical Appendices:  A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K


Draft EIR February 20, 2018  5 PM



Project Name Application # APN Address / Location Owner Name Project Description Public Comment Period Ends