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Seascape Beach Estates Site Standards

The Board of Supervisors of the County of Santa Cruz has directed the Planning Department to prepare revised site standards for new development in Seascape Beach Estates. Site standards are limits on building, for example maximum height, setbacks to property lines, and lot coverage. The Planning Department expects to be discussing proposed standards with the Board in March. There is also a community directed process underway in January and February for neighbors to prepare community recommendations on what you would like the site standards to be in your neighborhood. There have been two attempts in the past to codify special site standards for the Seascapes Beach Estates Subdivision, but neither was finalized.

The April 12th Board letter contains a summary of past efforts, and the attachments include the staff reports for those prior efforts. We are providing this information in an effort to ensure a broad understanding of the issues and transparency for the community process:

November 15, 2016 Board Report and direction to return in March 2017 with Site Standards

August 8, 2007 Planning Commission report on Planned Unit Development Application (Item 8)

May 7, 2002 Board Report on Creation of a Combining Zone for Aptos Seascape Beach Estates

Board of Supervisors Agenda, April 12—Item 49

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