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Building & Safety

Street Addressing

Street Addressing staff assigns addresses and road names to parcels in the unincorporated County. Every dwelling and commercial property is required to have an address. You can read about street naming and addressing standards and procedures here.

How to Request AN Address

  • For projects with an active building permit application, the application will be routed to Street Addressing staff for review and address assignment. The street addressing fee will be collected along with the other building permit fees.
  • All other requests: Complete the Street Addressing Services Request form, provide a simple site plan, and either mail or deliver payment in-person to the cashier at 701 Ocean Street, 4th Floor, Planning Division, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060. For in-person payment, please confirm when the public counter is open here.  NOTE: We strongly recommend that you contact Street Addressing staff prior to submitting a request to confirm that your proposal is feasible. See contact information below.

There are limitations to addresses assignments. These include:

  • Vacant Properties. Addresses are not assigned to vacant properties.
  • Non-habitable Structures, like barns and garages. Addresses cannot be assigned to these structures.
  • Structures built without a building permit. Check with Street Addressing staff to see if your structure can be addressed.

A fee of $132.00 will be assessed for processing the addressing assignment. If a project is complex, an additional fee will be required.


You can reach Street Addressing staff by email at, or by leaving a voicemail on 831-454-2144.