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Storm Damage Assessment & Repair

Storm damage repair permits, except for permits on properties located within the Coastal Zone, will be processed in the Recovery Permit Center (RPC), located at 701 Ocean Street in the Community Room (basement floor). Planning Division staff will continue to process permits located within the Coastal Zone. Schedule an appointment with Planning Division Building or Zoning staff here.

Please apply for a pre-application consultation using this link, during which RPC staff will collect information on your project and schedule a free special inspection to help determine whether plans and/or clearances are required prior to building permit submittal.

For storm damage repair only, please contact recovery staff via email ( to coordinate the processing of a Special Inspection for Damage Assessment Permit.  Please provide a completed Building Permit Application Form (link here to PLG-200) and include the following:

  • Owner, Agent and/or Contractor Information
  • Assessor’s Parcel Number [APN]
  • Scope of Work: “Special Inspection for Damage Assessment”
  • Cause of Damage (i.e. tree fall, flooding, landslide, erosion)
  • Note whether County staff have inspected the structure and provide the County staff contact name if available.
  • All signatures

For most damages that have not yet been inspected, a free initial inspection will be scheduled to identify existing site constraints and impacts to structures on site. This will allow county staff to summarize permit application requirements during permit intake. Environmental Health clearances for applications involving septic systems will be provided by Recovery Permit Center staff.

Applications will be prioritized for review, and building plan check review will be completed by contracted Recovery Permit Center plan reviewers within 10 business days.