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Storm Damage Assessment & Repair

If your property has been impacted by storm damage, call the Storm Damage Assessment line: 831-454-3171 or email to schedule a Special Inspection. If this is an emergency, call 911.

For a Special Inspection, please be prepared to provide a completed Building Permit Application Form (link here to PLG-200) and include the following:

  • Owner, Agent and/or Contractor Information
  • Assessor’s Parcel Number [APN]
  • Scope of Work: “Special Inspection for Damage Assessment”
  • Cause of Damage (i.e. tree fall, flooding, landslide, erosion)
  • Note whether County staff have inspected the structure and provide the County staff contact name if available.
  • All signatures

For most damages that have not yet been inspected, a free initial inspection will be scheduled to identify existing site constraints and impacts to structures on site. This will allow county staff to summarize permit application requirements during permit intake.