Online Permit Guide

Your guide to the permit process


Are you planning a residential building permit project such as a new house, accessory dwelling unit, addition, or remodel?  If so, we invite you to try the pilot Camino Online Permit Guide.


What is the Camino Online Permit Guide?
Using a project’s location and your answers to questions, Camino provides a customized checklist of building permit application submittal requirements tailored to your project. The checklist is your road map to preparing a complete application which you will submit using one of our permit services.  

What will the Permit Guide include?
Each permit guide will include application submittal requirements, as well as alerts regarding locations that could affect the feasibility or design of a project. 

What are the benefits of the Camino Online Permit Guide?
Camino permit guide benefits include:

  • A knowledge hub that provides a single place to learn about the process of submitting for a permit before formally doing so.
  • A guided process that automatically provides every applicant with a list of the forms and documents that are required for their unique project.
  • Consistent, rules-based information to ensure that staff and customers are on the same page.
  • An opportunity for customers to enter and compare multiple project scenarios for free and from the comfort of their home or office.

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We want your feedback on the pilot!
The Camino Permit Guide is currently a "pilot project" as we refine the rules that power Camino and receive feedback from our users. We will be adding more residential project types in the coming months - please check back in!

To make Camino better, we need your feedback!
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