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Building & Safety
Schedule a Building Inspection

Please provide the required information in the form below. If you are not sure of the information asked for in a required field, please provide your best estimate of the information requested. Please note the following:

  • Generally, inspections will be scheduled for the following day.
  • For requests received prior to 6 am; your inspection will be scheduled for that same day.
  • For requests received after 6 am; your inspection will be scheduled for the following day.

Inspections may be scheduled for  all unicorporated  areas  of Santa Cruz County Monday through Thursday.

Only AM inspections are allowed on Friday.  See the note below for allowed Friday inspections. 

Note: The following types of inspections may not be scheduled for Fridays as we have limited staff on those days: final inspections, complex inspections and LAPP inspections. When in doubt about whether your inspection can be performed on a Friday please contact your inspector prior to that date.


Once you have completed and sent the inspection request form, a confirmation message will be sent indicating that your inspection has been received and scheduled.

Due to the high volume of inspections and the uncertain length of each inspection, as well as the possibility of staff absences, we cannot make appointments for inspections. However, you can call your inspector on the morning of the inspection between 8:00 and 9:00 A.M. to verify your two hour inspection time frame.  Our inspectors will do their best to maintain these time frames.

Project Information

Permit Number must be entered as a 6-digit number only.
Remove all alphabetical letters and leading zeros from Permit Number.


Email Address and Email Address Confirmation fields must match.


If the site is difficult to find, has a locked gate, the address is unmarked, or other information is needed to assist the inspector in locating and/or accessing the site, enter the information here:


Type of Inspection

Click all that apply:required

You must select at least one Type of Inspection checkbox.

Rough Frame
Insulation and Wall Covering
Swimming Pools
Unlisted Inspection Type

If you want to schedule an inspection for anything other than the options listed above, please enter a short description of the inspection here: