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Environmental & Resource Protection

Section 6.9.1 of the General Plan requires new development to conform with the Land use Compatibility Guidelines (see Figure 6-1 below). All new residential and noise sensitive land developments should conform to a noise exposure standard of 60 dB Ldn (day/night average noise level) for outdoor noise and 45 dB Ldn for indoor noise. New development of land that cannot be made to conform to this standard will not be permitted. Site planning, building orientation and design, interior layout, and physical barriers, landscaping, and buffer areas will assure a compatible noise environment for various land uses.

For all new commercial development that could increase noise levels above the maximum allowable standards of the Land Use Compatibility Guidelines in Figure 6-1, or Figure 6-2, the best available control technologies are to be used to minimize noise levels. In no case can the noise levels exceed the standards of Figure 6-2.