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Historic Resources

In addition to beautiful scenery and a wide diversity of natural resources, Santa Cruz County is also rich in history. Historic resources in the unincorporated areas of the County are protected through the implementation of County Code Chapter 16.42 - Historic Preservation. This ordinance establishes the definition of historic resources in the County and the procedure for the designation of these resources. This definition coincides with the definitions used by the State of California and the federal government. The ordinance also establishes the procedures for reviewing modifications to these resources.

Advanced Planning staff maintains the Inventory of Historic Resources, a listing of all officially designated historic resources in the County. Periodically, this inventory is revised to recognize changes in the specific properties or to add/delete historic resources based on updated information. For officially designated historic resources the State Historic Building Code, a more lenient building code developed to allow structural modifications to historic buildings, may be used in place of the standard building codes.

Historic Resource Commission
The HRC reviews proposals to amend the Historic Resources Inventory and applications for changes to the exterior of properties included on the Historic Resources Inventory.

Our Rich Historic Heritage
Answers to Questions for Owners of Historic Properties.

California Historic Building Code
The SHBC provides alternative building regulations for the rehabilitation, preservation restoration or relocation of structures designated as historic buildings.

County Code
The complete County Code Online. Use the site index to go to Chapter 13 for Zoning Regulations, or use the keyword search.