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Deferred Submittals

Deferred Submittals are defined as portions of the design that are not submitted for review at the time of the initial permit application. Common deferred submittals include solar photovoltaic systems, prefabricated roof trusses, prefabricated stairs, and mechanical duct layout, to name a few.

Deferred submittals are submitted online utilizing the ePlan Review portal:

  1. Go to the ePlan website and log-in.
  • Click the “Create Project” at the top your page.
  • Select “Building” from the dropdown menu and type-in an appropriate name.
  • Select “DEF – Deferred Submittal” from the dropdown menu.
  1. Create a new APP file that includes:
  • PLG-230 as the cover page.
  • PLG-206 as the Deferred Submittal Form.  Please reference the original issued permit number in the top right corner, and clearly identify the deferred submittal items and relevant information.
  • NOTE: for roof trusses, please have the engineer of record review and provide a stamped letter as part of the uploaded SUP (supplemental) files.
  • Make sure this file is bookmarked, fit to page, no layers, etc.  Please review the ePlan user guide for more information. 
  1. Create a new PLN file (if necessary) that includes:
  • Only the new sheets related to the deferred submittal.
  • Make sure the files are 18x24 min, bookmarked, fit to page, no layers.
  • NOTE: Solar applications can be 11x17.
  1. Create a new SUP file (if necessary) that includes:
  • PLG-235 as the Supplemental Document Index.
  • Make sure to check the appropriate boxes for items included, or add to the lines provided. 
  • All sections should be bookmarked, fit to page, no layers.  Please review the ePlan user guide for more information.