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Building & Safety
Swimming Pool, Spa or Hot Tub Door and Window Alarms

The County of Santa Cruz Planning Department currently approves the following pool alarms for compliance with the Swimming Pool Enclosure Ordinance (SPEO). The Building Official may approve other pool alarms if they are identified as approved and listed by a nationally recognized testing agency.
These devices sound an alarm every time the door or window opens. They are equipped with a keypad that will allow you to disable them so an adult can exit without sounding the alarm, but will reset after one opening. The alarms cannot be turned off or disarmed permanently and are meant to sound when a child exits the house into the pool enclosure unaccompanied by an adult. Some pool owners find these alarms inconvenient and prefer to install a barrier separating their home from the pool rather than maintaining the alarms. If the alarms are installed but not maintained in working condition, a safety risk exists and the barrier does not comply with the Swimming Pool Enclosure Ordinance. Be sure you will be able to live with these alarms and keep them in working condition before selecting this option to secure your pool. It will be your responsibility to protect your family and visitors. Disabling an alarm puts them at risk.
Alarms - Code Requirements
Alarms must meet all of the following specifications according to Santa Cruz County Code Section 12.10.216 (c). 9 (eff: 1-1-08):

The alarm must be on all doors and windows with direct access to the pool, spa or hot tub.

  1. The alarm must sound continuously for a minimum of 30 seconds within 7 seconds after the door and its screen are opened,
  2. The alarm must have a good sound pressure rating indoors of a minimum 85 dBA at 10 ft,
  3. The alarm must have an automatic reset.
  4. The alarm must have a manual means, such as a touch pad or switch, to temporarily deactivate the alarm for a single opening for a maximum 15 seconds,
  5. The deactivation switch or touch pad must be placed at a height of 54 inches above the threshold of the door
  6. The alarm may be battery operated or may be connected to the electrical wiring of the building. 

Approved Alarm Models
George Risk Industries (GRI)
Model: DPARM - UL listed Pool Alarms Models: DPA-10 and DPA-10D (UL 2017-UDGJ.S7141)
Pool Guard Door Alarm - PDM Industries
Model: DAPT (UL2017-UDGJ.S5650)