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Energy Standards

Energy Code Ace - Tools Ace: A suite of interactive tools to help you understand the compliance process, required forms, installation techniques and energy efficiency regulations applicable to building projects and appliances in California.

California Energy Commssion - Oline Resource Center: The Online Resource Center provides educational assistance about the Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Energy Code) to building and enforcement communities. The California Energy Commission (CEC) and utilities developed the resources, which include fact sheets, energy videos, and presentations.

California Energy Commssion - Overview of Residential and Nonresidential Buildings: There are Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Energy Code) requirements for residential and nonresidential buildings. The linked information contains multiple-subject matter overviews, of both residential and nonresidential requirements, to help comply with the Energy Code.

California Energy Commssion - Blueprint Newsletter: Blueprint is the California Energy Commission’s quarterly e-newsletter that delves into the Building Energy Efficiency Standards and provides examples of projects. The newsletter provides updates, answers to frequently asked questions, clarifications to requirements, announcements, and educational resources and training.