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Proposed Revisions to County Code Regarding Nonconforming Structures and Uses, Commercial Changes of Use and Related Parking Provisions, "Altered Walls" and Thresholds for Geologic Review - Continued to Board of Supervisors meeting of Tuesday, March 20th

This project proposes to update regulations in the Santa Cruz County Code, and amend related General Plan (GP) and Local Coastal Program (LCP) policies, as follows:
  • Part 1: Amend Chapter 13.10 to provide new regulations for nonconforming uses and structures, and amend related GP/ LCP policies.
  • Part 2: Amend regulations in Chapter 13.10 regarding commercial uses and parking standards.
  • Part 3: Delete the amendment defining the word "structure" in Chapter 12.10 as it relates to soils report requirements, and amend Geologic Hazard Regulations (Chapter 16.10) regarding when the County is authorized to require geologic review.
  • Part 4: Revise the Level 4 permit approval process in Chapter 18.10.
  • Part 5: "Clean-up" various provisions in Chapters 13.10 and 13.11 of the Santa Cruz County Code. Chapters 13.10, 13.11, 16.10 and 18.10 are Coastal Implementing Ordinances.

A Negative Declaration has been prepared for this project (see the link below). Comments on the document will be accepted until 5 pm on Tuesday, January 3rd 2012.

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday January 25th, 2012 to consider the proposed draft ordinance and General Plan Amendments.

Documents (Requires Microsoft Word):

Proposed Draft Ordinance
Proposed Draft General Plan Amendments
Initial Study
Draft Negative Declaration