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Appointment Self-Scheduler

Welcome to the appointment self-scheduler. Book an appointment with Building, Zoning, Environmental Planning, Geologic Hazards, Public Works, and/or Environmental Health staff here.
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Appointments may be scheduled Monday through Thursday by clicking on the link below. Customers wishing to visit Building, Zoning, and/or Environmental Planning in a single visit should book individual appointments for each service. If you need assistance in scheduling an appointment, please call (831) 454-3252 and leave a message. We will respond to your message Monday - Thursday within one working day.

Appointment Policies

If you will be more than 10 minutes late, your appointment may be given to another person. Appointments are 25 minutes long and will end on time.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so any time before your appointment, but preferably 24 hours in advance. Cancellations may be made by finding and cancelling your appointment here: Santa Cruz County Appointment Scheduler.

If you miss your appointment, you may be prevented from scheduling another appointment for two weeks.

What you can expect: At your appointment, we will provide you with basic information. In some cases, specific project details and site-specific documentation that are not reviewed at the Counter can affect the validity of the information. Where more in depth Zoning or Environmental Planning information is desired, especially when research is required, a consultation or pre-development site review (PDSR) is advisable. A consultation or PDSR allows for a more detailed response than is possible at the counter and results in a written record. Examples of topics that are too complicated for a counter inquiry and are better suited for a consultation, include: land divisions, commercial projects, multi-family housing projects, and re-zonings. A PDSR will provide you with detailed information about zoning and environmental requirements. You can read about PDSRs here: Pre-Development Site Review.

The link below is NOT for scheduling building inspections or meeting with Plans Examiners.

  • Request a meeting with your PLANS EXAMINER by emailing them